Reansons Why you should learn Chinese language

Chinese is a fast-growing language with up to 1.2 billion native speakers, and 848 million of them speak Mandarin Chinese. If asked, many would say that English or even Spanish are some of the most common languages. You would be surprised to find out that they are not. Those who speak both English and Spanish cannot match up to the number of Mandarin Chinese speakers.

Mandarin Chinese is an official language in Singapore. The skill of speaking foreign languages is no longer trendy. With globalization and development, it is a necessity.

The advantages that come with the mastery of a foreign language are undeniable. It is not any different when it comes to learning Chinese. Some people will give you reasons why you should not learn the language saying that it is too hard and will take up a lot of your time. Well, here are unbeatable reasons why you should consider learning Chinese.

It is not rocket science

Many people are discouraged to learn Chinese because they believe that it is too complicated. Well, Chinese has one of oldest writings system. The characters of the Chinese alphabet also appear challenging to master. However, when compared to more preferred languages such as English, learning Chinese could be simpler. Simple sentences in Chinese take the same order as those in English. Nouns in Chinese have no plural and verbs do not change their form regarding tenses. It can’t get easier than that.


Chinese speakers are widely spread all over the world. 3.7% of the world’s population are Chinese speakers excluding those residing in China. Hence, there are even higher chances of encountering Chinese speakers in both school and work. It goes without saying that if you are fluent in Chinese, then you will seamlessly blend with your Chinese acquaintances.  Learn the Chinese language and have more friends!

It’s Fun

Picture this: you and your friends decide to go for a vacation in a Chinese speaking country such as China. Rather than hiring the services of a Chinese translator, your mastery of the language will save you a great deal. When internet connection fails you, and you don’t know what directions to follow, just ask your way around in Chinese and voila! Google maps will not be so necessary. Making orders in Chinese restaurant will even be easier.

Enjoy the culture

The Chinese are known for their rich culture and heritage. Some of the Chinese cuisines will leave you licking your fingers. The Chinese are also famous for sports such as Kung Fu. Their traditions uphold the family system, and hence they are very close-knit. Because of this, they are known to be warm and welcoming. Therefore, you will have an easy time in whichever Chinese speaking country.

Amazing opportunities

The Chinese economy is literally taking the entire world by storm. It is arguably the biggest economy worldwide.  As if that is not enough, Singapore is one of the four Asian tigers. This is owing to its fast rate of industrialization. Singaporeans are known to be very business savvy.

Why don’t you learn Chinese in Singapore and work your business’ way up to the top? Your fluency in Chinese will work for you, as you will have the ability to talk business with some the best Chinese business community.

Secure jobs easily

As previously stated, Chinese is commonly spoken all over the world. The 5 Chinese speaking countries include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States of America. All of these nations are forces to be reckoned with. They also offer many employment opportunities. When you learn Chinese, you will set yourself apart from the rest. Therefore, when seeking for international employment opportunities, you stand a better chance and believe me; it will make you highly valuable!

Chinese is one of the UN official languages and an official language in at least seven countries. Statistics show an up-and-coming trend. It will be even more popular in more countries with time. Chinese is not only being used for communication but also for business, education and international integration. If you a Singaporean and is interested in learning or improving your Mandarin, consider applying for mandarin classes with SkillsFuture credits to learn the language at a subsidized rate. The demand for Chinese speakers is also fast increasing. If you haven’t already started to learn Chinese, you are missing out on a lot.

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