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Satisfy your needs

We set the customized topic based on your job, demand, interest, no matter it’s Business English / international social / life conversation / Travel English

Professional course

ShuoCN course is based on  Common Core States Standard (CCSS), cost 500 hours to edit, the curriculum team are with more than 5 years expereience

Step-by-step progress

ShuoCN measure Mandarin levels into 18 degrees, which help us choose the most appropriate lessons for you and inspire your passion for learning

Best teachers are here

Native top graduates

We only select the best teachers who graduated from China's top universities, and who are native speakers so that you'll be in the native atmosphere

100% Certificated

All of our teachers have the Mandarin teaching certification given by Chinese government. We make sure they'll help you on Mandarin

Teacher as a friend

With oral practice with teachers, you may know how to distinguish different Chinese words sharing the same final and initial but different tones

Why choose online 1O1 lesson

Varied Topics
based on Your Interest

We set the customized topic based on your job, demand, interest, no matter it’s Business / international social / life conversation / Traveling

Anytime, Anywhere

Study anytime anywhere as long as you have a stable internet network.

Live Interaction with Teacher

Our teachers are just like your friends, they come from Tier 1 cities in China and have an international outlook.  It feels like learning from a friend.

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